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?What is a patent

A patent is an award granted by the government to give the patent owner certain exclusive rights in relation to his invention for a limited period of time, in exchange for publication of information about his invention

?What is a Utility Innovation

A Utility Innovation is an award granted by the government to give the innovator certain exclusive rights for a minor invention or any new improvement of a known product or process which does not require satisfying the test of inventiveness as required of a patent.


?Why do I need a patent registration

A Patent is a commercial tool and a valuable asset due to the rights it gives the patent owner to monopolize the patented invention for a certain duration. Hence, if your invention has market potential, you may need a Patent protection to prevent third parties from using your invention without your authorization. Apart from this preventive action, a patent also attracts business opportunities and potential investors.


?When should I apply for a patent

You should apply for a patent registration before you disclose your invention to the public as the disclosure could deprive your invention of novelty


?Can I discuss the details of my invention with a potential investor before filing my patent application

Generally, an invention which is made available to the public anywhere in the world by written or oral disclosure before a patent application is filed would be considered as prior art. As a result, it would prevent the inventor from obtaining a valid patent for that invention as such invention would no longer comply with the ‘novelty’ requirement. Hence, it is always important to file your invention for a patent application before disclosing the details of the invention. However, if it is inevitable to disclose your invention to a potential investor or a business partner before filing the application, such a disclosure should be accompanied by a confidentiality agreement


?What are the basic requirements for an invention to be patentable

An invention is patentable if it is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable

?What are the rights of a registered Patent Owner

A registered patent owner has the exclusive rights to exclude others from making your product. It also confers the right to institute legal action against anyone who is exploiting or selling his/her patented invention